Kimberley Access Panels

Ceiling Distributors offers a comprehensive range of incredible, quality powder-coated Kimberley Access Panels. We also supply Australian-made heavy duty manhole frames to suit commercial and residential projects.

Whether you require access to a flow control valve, a wall cavity or an electrical conduit, the Kimberley range has something for you!

The range of Kimberley Access Panels features:

  • Powder-coated white galvanised sheet steel
  • Paintable, smooth door panel
  • 4 rivet swivel anchors for safer mounting in wall or ceiling
  • Fully removable door

Also allowing access to motor or pump assembly, or creating a convenient manhole for a ceiling hatch, Kimberley Access Panels are ideal for any project. They are suitable for both residential and commercial situations. Further the Kimberley Access Panels range comes in a variety of styles, frame types, and materials to match your decor needs.

Kimberley Access Panels Range

The Kimberely range provides panels that are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain. As a result they offer a wide range of benefits to your home or commercial building.

Kimberley Access Panels also come in a variety of configurations ideal for any project. Selecting the right unit is dependant on a small number of factors:

  • Application – How will you use the access panel?
  • Frame – Do you need flanges or a set bead frame?
  • Size – Will you need to fit a whole person through or just a hand
  • Latching – Does it require a lock or latch?

Types of Kimberley Access Panels

  • Softline Access Panels – available in three latch types as well as a range of sizes. Set in a bead frame
  • Alustar Access Panels – high-quality access panels with aluminium frames. Featuring gypsum door design as a replacement for traditional set bead and wet wall panel systems. Also available in round or square profiles. The faster and easier to install range with no need to trowel finish. As a result the Alustar provides a tidy finish
  • Illume Manhole – an innovative way to light up dark areas in hallways and laundries. Further, combining the Illume Skylight Alternative system with the Kimberely Manhole system, this creates a clever and practical solution
  • Manhole Frames and Kits – available in a number of configurations from simple frames to complete kits with lockable plastic or metal door
  • Kimberley Acoustic Access Panels – designed for use with noise transmission issues. Lightweight and compact, allowing for aesthetically pleasing means of providing access to walls, ceilings and service shafts

Fire-rated Kimberley Access Panels

Kimberley has a range of fire-rated ceiling hatches with designs for use where fire protection is a requirement. Fire-rated hatches are compact, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing means of providing access into fire-rated ceilings.

Kimberley access panels are also highly versatile, simple to install, neat and make access to wall and ceiling cavities easy. These are the perfect choice for easy access in your residence or commercial property.

Explore the options below.