Replacement Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Distributors provide Replacement Ceiling Tiles for ceiling tiles suffering from:

  • Water damage
  • Dirt
  • Age
  • Smells
  • Fungus

When any of these or other mishaps damage an area of your ceiling, don’t worry! You won’t have to replace the whole ceiling thanks to Ceiling Distributors.

Further, with just a few simple tools, you can replace the affected tiles, planks, or panels. As a result you can restore your ceiling to its former beauty.

We have a wide selection of ceiling tiles to either match your existing tiles or suggest a new tile to smarten up your office. Choose from our range of ceiling tiles, including:

  • Armstrong
  • Rockfon
  • Daiken
  • USG Boral
  • Plasterboard
  • OWA
  • AMF
  • Fibre Cement
  • Timber

Explore the options below.