Tegtabs, Paint & Accessories

Tegtabs, Paint & Accessories provide up to 80% labor savings for tegular-edge perimeter ceiling tile installation. You can save thousands in labor costs from just one job. Further, millions of Teg-Tabs are currently in use around the world. As a result, Tegtabs solve continuous problems associated with poor or inconsistent workmanship. They also prevent damage to revealed edges when other trades remove and replace ceiling tiles. Finally, you can also conceal raw edges with Teg-Tabs technology for greater client satisfaction.

Tegtabs, Paint & Accessories from Ceiling Distributors

Ceiling Distributors carries a wide range of accessories, paint and Tegtabs to make any project a breeze. Teg-Tabs simply snap onto the grid, requiring only one cut. Further, Teg-Tabs also keep the “look” of dimensionality that would otherwise require a hand reveal. Enjoy an exceptional experience with Ceiling Distributors.

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