Rockfon MediCare Plus

Rockfon MediCare Plus


Rockfon MediCare Plus

Acoustic ceiling panel that fulfils stringent hygiene requirements in healthcare environments MediCare Plus is recommended for areas with more stringent hygiene and cleaning/disinfection requirements, such as accident and emergency rooms, delivery rooms, small surgery, radiology, laboratories and corridors. It offers the highest sound absorption value in the market. MediCare Plus has obtained a Bacteriological Class B1, beyond the requirements of the very high risk zones as defined in NF S 90-351. MediCare Plus does not contribute to the growth of MRSA. It has a low particle emission resulting in Clean Room Classification ISO Class 5. Medicare Plus offers design freedom to architects thanks to its concealed edges and a range of corridor dimensions. It has sealed edges and a water repellent surface that is resistant to the most common detergents and disinfectants, but can also be effectively disinfected by steam cleaning.   Features

  • Stone wool tile
  • Visible side: micro-textured white painted, water repellent fleece
  • Rear side: back fleece
  • Sealed edges
Edges A24, E24, X
Dimensions Length min. – max. mm Width min. – max. mm 600 – 2400 600
Colour White
Texture Micro-textured
Light reflection 85%
αw 1.00
NRC 0.95
Reaction to fire



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