OPTRA-Open Plan / smooth texture

OPTRA-Open Plan / smooth texture


Armstrong LARGE SIZE  OPTRA Open Plan / smooth texture   

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Sustainable Performance

  • Great replacement panel for old style Fibreglass panels
  •  Fully Recyclable at end of life:
  • to www.armstrongceilings.com for

Key Selection Attributes

  • Larger size panels available in two colours White & Black  1200×600 mm
  • •HumiGuard Plus RH95 performance Sag-resistant Formulated to withstand conditions with temperatures up to 49C and relative humidity up to 95%•High acoustic performance: improves comfort and increases productivity by reducing ambient noise • High light refelective finish (LR0.88) reducing lighting and energy costs • Cost effective ceiling solution • Appealing smooth surface
  • Typical Applications • Open plan office areas • Retail • Healthcare spaces • Public areas • Education • Theatres and auditoriums • Call centres
  • Recycled content  90%


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