Gyprock Drywall Masonry Adhesive 20kg

Gyprock Drywall Masonry Adhesive 20kg

Gyprock Masonry Adhesive is used for adhering plasterboard, plaster cornices and castings to plasterboard, masonry and concrete surfaces.

It is a low VOC compound manufactured by Gyprock in Australia to stringent product specifications and packed in an orange coloured bag.

Superior Adhesion

Gyprock Masonry Adhesive provides high strength and strong adhesion to plasterboard, masonry and concrete surfaces.

Defined Setting Time

Masonry Adhesive is a setting type compound rather than a drying type with a working life of about 40-45 minutes.

Easy Application

Masonry Adhesive is easy to mix and spread with simple installation by hand using a small broadknife.

Apply 50mm diameter daubs of adhesive standing out a minimum 15mm. Space daubs at 450mm centres maximum both horizontally and vertically, 50mm in from the ends and edges of the sheet.

Daubs may be applied to the wall or to the back of the Gyprock plasterboard. Position plasterboard and hold in place until adhesive sets.

Levelling pads should be used where wall surface irregularities exceed 15mm.

Detailed application instructions can be found on the Gyprock Masonry Adhesive



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