Armstrong BIOGUARD Acoustic

Armstrong BIOGUARD Acoustic

Clean Rooms
A clean room is a space or a series of spaces where the
concentration of particles is controlled in order to minimise
the introduction, generation and retention of particles.
• Clean rooms are classified ISO 1 (cleanest) to ISO 9 depending
on the number of particles measured.
• The performance is tested to ISO 14644-1 which determines
the particle cleanliness class.
Healthcare Premises
In certain areas within hospitals, to maintain strict hygiene and
infection control, it is essential to limit the number of airborne
particles by creating a clean-room type environment.
Pharmaceutical and Food Industry
Pharmaceutical products such as medicine, vaccine, blood for
transfusion or medical equipment should not carry any contaminant.
Food and beverages shall not be contaminated during the
production and conditioning process.




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