Plasterboard Profiles - Ceiling Tiles

Plasterboard Profiles – Ceiling Tiles from Ceiling Distributors. They feature a range of products including Supatone Ceiling tiles. Ceiling Distributors also makes bespoke Plasterboard Profiles/Bulkheads using Gyprock.

Further, Gyprock Freshtone Ceiling Tiles have light textures. These premium quality plasterboard ceiling tiles that provide acoustic separation in commercial applications.

Gyprock Freshtone

This range of ceiling tiles feature square edges and vinyl facing. As a result, they are easy to clean, durable and resistant to fading and mould growth. With Gyprock Supaceil in their core, they are sag resistant to provide longevity.

Supatone Ceiling Tiles

Supatone Gyprock ceiling tiles feature various surface finishes and different performance properties to suit a variety of applications. They also feature grid ceiling tile options with a basic, white surfaces.

Plasterboard Profiles – Ceiling Tiles

These plasterboard profiles also allow high speed installation with high accuracy reducing labour costs and time.

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