Ceiling Distributors provides a wide range of Rockfon ceiling solutions. They are adept at combining stone wool ceiling panels with suspension grids and accessories. Further these ceiling systems are a fast, simple way of creating beautiful, comfortable spaces.

Rockfon also features designs that protect people from noise and the spread of fire while making a constructive contribution to a sustainable future.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

These tiles create an effective, architectural system. Further Rockfon maintains its commitment to complete ceiling system. They are also easy to install and highly durable.

Rockfon gives you more design flexibility and product options, with decades of technical expertise that cannot be matched by other acoustical ceiling tile manufacturers and suspended grid manufacturers.

They also provide a comprehensive range of stunning, aesthetically pleasing durable tiles with micro-texture surfaces. Rockfon further specialises in supplying products with strong edges and excellent acoustics. They are available in a wide variety of edges and sizes that meet the highest fire safety and sound absorption regulations.

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