Daiken Mineral Fibre Ceilings

Daiken Mineral Fibre Ceilings

Daiken is the most popular choice of architects, builders and interior designers worldwide. With international acclaim for their engineering excellence, visual appeal and attractive design, the Daiken Mineral Fibre ceiling tiles feature excellent sound absorption, thermal insulation and fire resistant properties.

Daiken Mineral Fibre ceiling tiles made from select Rockwool fibres, a slag wool which is a byproduct of iron manufacturing and special binders. Mineral fibres are uniformly interwoven through a unique wet-felting process. This creates a rigid board and tile which is non-combustible and fire-resistant. They also feature a combination of low specific gravity, efficient thermal insulation, fantastic sound absorption and sound transmission qualities.

Daiken Mineral Fibre ceiling tiles are the ideal choice for high quality ceilings in software parks, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, airport buildings, shopping centres and educational institutions.

Daiken Mineral Fibre Ceilings Include Excel-Tone MR Panels

Mineral Fibre Ceiling tiles from Daiken also include Excel-Tone MR panels with MR (moisture resistance). This allows the Daiken Mineral Fibre ceiling tiles to perform at a superior quality. Daiken also guarantees the Excel-Tone MR for 10 years against visible sagging up to 50C and 99% relative humidity.

The Daiken Mineral Fibre ceiling tiles feature outstanding fire resistance, thermal insulation, and a variety of installation systems. Further, the Excel-Tone MR comes in a diverse range of stunning surface patterns. They are perfect for creating a stunning atmosphere in hotel lobbies, fashionable shops, and entrance halls of buildings as well as in office areas.

Daiken Mineral Fibre Ceiling board and tiles are also environmentally friendly with a minimum of 53% recycle material content. These stunning mineral fibre ceiling panels give your ceilings in your building or office an appealing look. They come in a wide range of patterns and sizes for your needs.

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