Armstrong Peakform Grid Systems

If you are looking for ceiling grid system and can’t find your then its time to go with Ceiling Distributors.

Armstrong has stunning three steel exposed Peakform grid systems which combine superior durability and stability for a elegant appearance. These include:

  • Prelude XL 24mm standard
  • Suprafine XL 15mm narrow grid
  • Silhouette 15mm slotted grid

The XL range features a stack on slab end detail, providing a secure lock connection which is easy to remove, reuse and relocate. Further the white finish of the face matches the stunning Armstrong ceiling panels.

Armstrong Peakform Grid Systems feature:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Precise detailing and quality
  • Easy installation
  • Cost effective perimeter solution

Armstrong Exposed Ceiling Grid System

Ideal for general application, Armstrong Peakform Grid Systems are a comprehensive range of suspended exposed ceiling grid system. Further Armstrong Peakform suspension systems meet all the requirements of Australian Standard 2785-2000 and are fantastic for use with a wide variety of of Armstrong Mineral Fibre ceiling tiles.

Further Armstrong Peakform Grid Systems contain 25% recycle content and are fully recyclable at the end of their life. These grid systems are also modular allowing disassembly and reuse.

The Peakform Grid System also includes:

  • Hot dipped galvanised coating which inhibits red rusting
  • System engineering and design to fit and provide a finish to coordinate with all Amstrong ceilings
  • The bulb design increases strength and stability for improved performance while being easy to cut
  • A Superlock main beam clip engineered for a strong, secure connection and fast, accurate alignment which is confirmed with an audible click
  • Feature rotary stitching for additional torsional strength and extra stability during installation
  • Easier and faster insertion/installation of cross tees, easy to remove and relocate, as well as a tighter tee to tee connection

Explore the Armstrong Peakform Grid Systems range below, today!