Armstrong Acoustic Solutions

Ceiling Distributors is proud to present our range of Armstrong ceiling tiles. Armstrong is a leader in the design and manufacture of floors and ceilings. As a result they provide innovative solutions for residential and commercial product designs, serves and solutions. Create the stunning space you envision with Armstrong and Ceiling Distributors today!

This stunning range is perfect for residential, commercial, educational, and medical spaces. As a result, you can create beautiful spaces that also enhance comfort, save time, and improve building efficiency and overall performance.

Ideal for both commercial ceilings and refurbishments, Armstrong ceiling tiles can be utilise both exposed or concealed steel grids. As a result, these tiles hang with ease.

Further, due to their grid-hanging design, this range of tiles are an amazing, cost-effective solution for your space. They are also easy to dismount during renovation or moves, for your convenience.

Your commercial ceilings do not have to be bland. As a result, Armstrong ceiling tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, materials and colours to create the ceiling feature you desire. Further, this tile range utilise high-absorption features making them ideal for noisy offices, auditoriums or lecture halls.

Explore our wide range of Armstrong tiles below.